Monday, March 17, 2003

Happy Saint Patricks!
And today is my brother's birthday too.
"Screen two."-Ticket guy in filipino accent
Erica and I went to the movies today. We bought tickets to see Willard. That movie is freaky! Well at least the parts we saw. We left the movie and we didn't even watch half of it. Too much rats! The rats were after the cat Willard was given and they were chasing it and then I think they were going it eat it, I don't know. We left during that part. Then we went into Old School. We weren't supposed to be in there, it was rated R, haha! The beginning was gross...disgusting! Porno! The lady was in her room and the guy walked into her watching porno. Then we left. We might have gotten caught. We went to go ask the ticket guy if we could switch movies because Willard was gross and he said yes in his filipino accent. We switched the Agent Cody Banks. Better than Willard! We didn't watch the whole thing so we asked the same guy if we could watch it again to see the beginning and he said yes in his filipino accent again. We waited until it started and we watched half of it. So...we watched the movie 1 1/2 times? Haha, we paid five dollars something each to watch some of Willard, the beginning of Old School, and 11/2 of Agent Cody Banks. Hah, life is good.
Yesterday went to Pearlridge with mom. Went to Ross, like we always do. And I got black courderoy pants. Then while my mom went to Sears I went to Spencers, Suncoast, and Sam Goodys. There was this sale at Spencers and everything was on sale. Then I went to Suncoast and they had the Swimfan DVD. We were supposed to watch that in the movie theater! I saw Ashley H. there. Then I went to Sam Goodys. The Osbournes' season 1 DVD was on sale for $19.99! And I got it of course and The Used was on sale for $9.99. And I got a free dog bowl with the DVD.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

I'm watching Contact right now! It's on TBS. Now I don't need to wait till we go back to school to see the rest. And I got to watch the parts that I missed since I was absent from school on Monday and Tuesday. Oh no, it's almost the part where that big thing their build is going to blow up because this pro-religion guy sneeked in and had a bomb. The first time I saw that part I knew something was going to happen. The music kinda gave it off. Is this movie a true story? The bald guy scares me. He reminds me of doctor evil.
New episode of SNL tonight. I don't think it will be a borring episode. The musical guest is Christina Aguilara, ah!
Woah, it's the part where is blows up!

Friday, March 14, 2003

Woah, I feel sleepy right now. Today was day day of school! Now we have 2 weeks off. I was late for school for the first time this year. My mom was off and my brother didn't have school so that meant that we didn't need to wake up early and go to school early. I had history first and we watched the rest of Lion in the Winter. Lol, this is my favorite quote from the movie. But I don't think it's exact.
"I'd like to put this by my nipples. But I don't know what the kids would say!"
The crazy mother said that, she was talking about her necklace. I had PE today but we just watched a movie. Better than pilates! We watched Remembering the Titans but we didn't watch the end. It was a little borring. After PE I was supposed to have bio. Mr. Bilenchi said that there was going to be a sub and we would watch the rest of Contact but instead there was a sign on the door saying to go to the media center to take the quiz for Contact. It wasn't hard.
My dad is weird. He keeps staring at my while I'm on the computer. Oh great, he's using the microwave. Now it's interferring with the phone line since I'm in the living room right now. He microwaves for a long time! For rice he put it on 2 minutes! That's not healthy. The plastic will melt and get into his food. Grr..AIM got disconnected.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I stayed home from school again today. Last night I had a fever so then I had to stay home. I had to go to the doctors today..actually pediatrician. I still go to a pediatrician, la la la la la la! I had to get a throat culture again. They already did that last month when I was sick. It was almost positive for strep throat. Thank goodness it wasn't! Then I would have to have another shot on my ass like when I was in fourth grade! I'm going back to school tomorrow. I missed the songfest today. We got the St. Francis School magazine in the mail yesterday. I'm on the cover from the Make a Difference Day group pic. But my last name was spelled wrong.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Oh, I didn't know Carson Daly was still hosting TRL. His face is a little irritating. Ah, It's T.a.T.U! They were on MADTv, that was sick! That video is too...ack.
I need food.
I'm not at school right now! Why? Because I'm sick.
On Saturday I went with Erica to the scrapbook workshop thing. That was fun...Lol, pork and pees! There was good food, not pork and pees. We went home with Pork and Pees. Lol, one of the Pork and Pees looks more stressed out that the other. Stayed at Erica's house till 12:00. Her parents also went to the concert. That Saturday's episode of SNL was borring. The ham skit was stupid. But the TV Funhouse cartoon was pretty funny, Spongebob was in it.
Yesterday me and my mom saw Martin Nivera and his girlfriend at Ala Moana. He's some singer who had that concert with Regine Velasquez on Saturday. We followed him for a while and I took a pic of him from the back It's here. And we saw Regine Velasquez but I didn't really see her. I was paying attention to her assistant wondering if he/she was a man or a woman. Later I felt really sick, I think it was because I drank too much. So I layed down on the bench and took a nap.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Yes! We're all still alive!!! I lived to see 1:00 on my watch! I didn't find out till yesterday. I heard there was a bomb threat in a public school in Manoa. And...our school is in Manoa! When I was going to school, I saw some army people walking around and I was wondering why. When I got to school Erica told me about the bomb threat. Maybe that's why there were army guys? I went to the media center to do my japanese worksheet. I have to use the tape recorder to do my homework. Someone was already using it and only one worked so I had to wait. Sister Eddie didn't forget my name, yay! I studied for the history quiz while I waited and then I fell asleep. I sorta got waken up by Mr. Connors, he was asking if I was zoning out or if I'm sleeping. I looked up to and then I went back to sleep and then he tapped me..shoulder tag! I got him in the ASC, I was asleep (again, because I had nothing to do) and I heard him in the back of me and tapped him, hahaha. Anways, I'm still not done with the worksheet. I have to go back to finish it, I think the tape recorders are screwed up. My dad was supposed to pick me up after school. If I did, I would have had to stay with my grandma and brother at Windward Mall until 9:00 while my dad and mom went to this concert. Actually, today was just the news, meeting, taking pics, and dinner thing. Today's the concert. Instead, I rode with Erica. We went to Subway and then we went to her house. We watched Crazy/Beautiful. I took pics of the "beautiful" scenes, work it, work it. Guess what was beautiful, Bingo was beautiful! Bingo made shi shi! I didn't get picked up until ten something, they took so long.
I have a sore throat, that's not nice!

Friday, March 07, 2003

I'm still at Erica's house and it's almost 10:00! Mom and dad take so long. I called them up and they said that they're still picking my brother and grandma up at Windward Mall because my brother went to go play YuGiOh again. Hello, I'm still waiting for them. They are taking really long!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Doo doo butt blogger. Yeah, that was a stupid phrase. Oh wow, how immature of me. Hah....oh come on blogger! Work!
Today I had PE! Borring... We did pilates. Ew, stop staring. Sitting in the back, you can get off of not participating..kind of. Only if the teacher's not looking and sometimes that's hardly, if you know what I mean. I'm scared of PE! I wonder what we're doing next week. For bio we went down to the Manoa Stream to get some soil for the grass seeds. It's right in the back of the ASC/cafeteria, how convenient. Don't touch the water, it's contaminated from bacteria from feces...dodo! And it empties out into the Ala Wai, gross. And the Ala Wai is gross. After school I went to the media center for thursday's computer club hangout. Maegan was there but she's not in the computer club. So then..I wasn't the only one there. But later the other people came. I had to work on a flyer for the summer school classes. On it I put this funny clipart or this half bald guy and a skeleton. Haha, it looks like Mr. Hargrove. And the rest of the time I played Cubis. And I had to start over two times because I failed one of the levels! And then my dad came. He said he was comming at 3:15 but it was almost 4:00 when he came. Blah, I'm not surprised.
Lol, the girl in the Lion King commercial is funny! The commercial with the different languages. It's the mandarin girl. "Kailashali!"- mandarin girl. Lol, it's just funny when she sings it. I had that phrase stuck in my head last night!
Ugh, ah, I think I'm getting a sore throat.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Blogger's being a meanie face!
Butthead says.."*breathing sounds* dammit bevis blogger!"
The bio test wasn't really hard. There was no comic at the end of this test. Usually there's a comic at the end of the test so I wrote a note, " comics this time? =(". Hah, I wonder what the reply will be. I think I kinda got Mr. Hargrove mad again? During history I put on my pink Hello Kitty sunglasses that I got in a McDonalds and then Kanoe saw me and said "Oh Diane, I like your glasses!" Everyone heard and turned around and looked at my glasses and laughed. Then Mr. Hargrove stopped reading and I guess he was mad and I heard someone say that he was looking at me so I took them off and tried to hide. And sthen aid something like "Girls! Everytime I make a point of something, you always take a recess!" Eh...oops.
Ew, that pregnant barbie commercial is on. I heard that barbie was controvercial. Some Wal Marts didn't even want to put it up on their shelves.
You know what's a really irritating commercial? The commercial for the show on the Noggin channel, Just Deal.
Is today fat tuesday? The day before lent? Some place, somewhere, perverts are giving people their beads if they flash their camera...Mardi Gras. Ew, that reminds me of the Girls Gone Wild commercial they kept playing on Comedy Central. Haha, those videos should be illegal! We were supposed to pick up malasadas after my dad picked me up from school. He got tickets from a fundraiser. But..we didn't. There was traffic and he was going to be late for work.
Oh yeah, we were watching the Disney Channel and they showed that commercial with the different stars from the Disney Channel...
Mom: That girl has big papayas!
Me: Hahaha!
Mom: Hahah!
Me: How about Raven?!
Mom: Ahaha! Cup D!
Me: Haha!
Mom: No, maybe she has cup F!
Woah, I wrote too much about commercials.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Today is Monday, today is Monday, yes it is, yes it is. And today was Girls' Day. For japanese class we had oragami of the emperor and emperist in those japanese doll sets. Jazmine brought her japanese exchange student from Japan today. Tomorrow is the bio test. No matter how much I'll study I'll still get a C or a D. For english class we watched a documentary about Anne Frank. I fell asleep but I didn't mean too. Everytime we have a lecture class and we watch a video I always fall asleep. I did want to watch the video but I fell asleep during some parts. It's time to go to bed, school tomorrow. I'm helping my brother with Rollercoaster Tycoon. Ah! I don't think he even understands the game.